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Ponso Pondhopper / Aug 16, 2013
After the success of our Grand Opening, the Museum is opening its doors once again, for a special programme, entitled: "Fishing Holes of Middle Earth". There will be a talk on where to find the best fishing spts for each class of fish, illustrated with a selection of maps.
This will be followed by a fishing demonstration and a fish barbecue in the museum grounds. All are welcome.

Date: Saturday 31 August
Time: 7pm (uk time) - Note Time change!
Where: 2 Chalk Road Harville (Laurelin server)

7pm reception outside the museum
7:15 Tour and illustrated talk on the 'Fishing Holes of middle Earth'
7:45 Crazy Catfish Catch at the ponds
8:15 Catfish Bakeout and Barbecue. Music and dancing
9pm Firework display
Ponso Pondhopper / Jul 29, 2013
Believe it or not the additional activity in our ponds and rivers is having a positive effect on natural fishing stocks! Why? Well, apart from the special fish introduced into the waterways for the festival, anglers are mostly catching goldfish and weeds. Clearing out the weeds, now the spawning is over, will help the quality of the water and allow new fresh growth, which is good for the plant-eating fish.

Goldfish, a scourge of the ponds, are responsible for eating a lot of the newly hatched fry. With fewer goldfish around, we can hope to see fish stocks increase, once the Summer Festival is over. Of course we will be monitoring the stocks in the Shire closely and letting the mayor know if there are any problems.

Ponso Pondhopper / Jul 07, 2013
A spacious burrow has been found and secured at a reasonable rent at 2 Chalk Road, Harville. This week I have been running backwards and forwards to the Taxidermists, and now all the trophies are in place, ready for our first visitors.

All that remains is to chase up the delivery of fishing rods for the shop and to stock our cold store with catfish and dace. Adverts have been placed in all the main journals and I have been busy sending out personal invitations. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this a success.
Ponso Pondhopper / Jun 23, 2013
The purchase of the Clubhouse and Museum of Hunting and Fishing is underway! We will soon have space to take all the club's trophies and records out of storage and put them on public display!
The Grand Opening will take place on Saturday 13 July at 7:30 pm (UK time). There will be:
  • A guided tour of the museums exhibits
  • Demonstration of fishing by Ponso
  • Sale of rods and trophy fish
  • Refreshments and Entertainement

—Ponso Ponhopper