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Harnkegger games

Ponso Pondhopper / Aug 14, 2016

The Harnkegger Games timetable has been finalised, and the fishing match will follow after the Broken Bone Race on Wednesday 7th September in Needlehole. The approximate time will be between 15:30 and 15:45 Server time.
This will be a straightforward fishing match with prizes awarded for the most points. In the case of a tie the number of weeds will be used as a penalty. Points will be awarded as follows:
5 points for a trophy fish
3 for a craft fish (catfish or dace)
1 for all other fish
minus 1 for weeds and other junk

Prizes will be awarded by the Harnkegger Committee:
  • GOLD MEDAL WINNER: 100 gold coins + 500 TP code (*11) + 1 Sturdy Steel Key + 3 Raffle Tickets (*6)
  • SILVER MEDAL WINNER: 25 gold coins + 1 Steed of the First Marshall Code + 2 Raffle Tickets (*6)
  • BRONZE MEDAL WINNER: 10 gold coins + 1 Steed of the First Marshall Code + 1 Raffle Ticket (*6)

Raffle tickets will be used to enter winners into a prize pool at the end of the games. TP and steeds have been provided by Turbine Inc.

I will host the match. Depending on numbers I may need a second person to count catches using the fishy plugin. If you don't know how to use this I can give instruction.
Turbine have also given us access to their Twitch account to televise the games live. If you have a reasonably powerful PC you may be interested to act as a Twitch 'cameraman' for the event.
In addition we may need performers and cooks for the after-match party.
Anyone able and willing to fulfil any of these roles, please let me know soon, so I can let the committee know.



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