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The Shire Angling Club has moved!

Ponso Pondhopper / Sep 01, 2013

The Shire Angling Club has relocated to 5 Harrow Road, Bramblebury. All exhibitions have been successfully transferred to the new site and the Museum of Hunting and Fishing is up and running again, and open to the public.

It has been a long held ambition to secure a burrow in Bramblebury and we are delighted with the location. It's a little off the beaten track, but the surrounding cliffs offer good shelter from the winds which will be of benefit to the hatcheries. The move followed the second open day and went very smoothly except for the loss of a trophy Smelt, which has now been replaced. Bramblebury is a busy neighbourhood and we hope the new location will increase museum visits.

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Oh gosh... I'll never find the way there... I get lost trying to find Bree

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