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Ponso Pondhopper / Jan 23, 2017

Discussing trout-related matters with Albin Northcotton

With Spring just around the corner (well maybe round the next-but-one corner after that) we are already considering the closed season for game fish like trout and Grayling and such. So before these fish start spawning, there’s just about time for a trout match. This will be the fourth Great Trout Tickle to be held at Northcotton Farm, thanks to the generosity of our good friend and sponsor, Mister Albin Northcotton. The date has been moved to the fifth day of Rethe (that’s the 25 February for those with new-fangled calendars). We shall be meeting at Northcotton Farm at 7:30 PM (UK time), but for lower level players (under 30), I will be available to guide you to the farm.

As in previous years, there will be two matches, the first for those used to catching game fish (fishing skill of 100 or more) and the second for less experienced anglers. As before there will be a prize for the most trout caught and the first Golden Trout caught on the night. For the junior match there will be prizes for the fullest keep net.

There’s no need to register. Just turn up on the day or contact me if you need help getting to the farm. Bring a rod and warm clothes. Trout can be caught with a float and baited hook, wet or dry flies, or, if you’re feeling brave, by hand! The choice is yours. Best bait: bluebottle maggots.

What: Fishing Competition
Where: Northcotton Fram, Oatbarton
When: 25 February 7:30PM (UK time)
Ponso Pondhopper / Aug 14, 2016

The Harnkegger Games timetable has been finalised, and the fishing match will follow after the Broken Bone Race on Wednesday 7th September in Needlehole. The approximate time will be between 15:30 and 15:45 Server time.
This will be a straightforward fishing match with prizes awarded for the most points. In the case of a tie the number of weeds will be used as a penalty. Points will be awarded as follows:
5 points for a trophy fish
3 for a craft fish (catfish or dace)
1 for all other fish
minus 1 for weeds and other junk

Prizes will be awarded by the Harnkegger Committee:
  • GOLD MEDAL WINNER: 100 gold coins + 500 TP code (*11) + 1 Sturdy Steel Key + 3 Raffle Tickets (*6)
  • SILVER MEDAL WINNER: 25 gold coins + 1 Steed of the First Marshall Code + 2 Raffle Tickets (*6)
  • BRONZE MEDAL WINNER: 10 gold coins + 1 Steed of the First Marshall Code + 1 Raffle Ticket (*6)

Raffle tickets will be used to enter winners into a prize pool at the end of the games. TP and steeds have been provided by Turbine Inc.

I will host the match. Depending on numbers I may need a second person to count catches using the fishy plugin. If you don't know how to use this I can give instruction.
Turbine have also given us access to their Twitch account to televise the games live. If you have a reasonably powerful PC you may be interested to act as a Twitch 'cameraman' for the event.
In addition we may need performers and cooks for the after-match party.
Anyone able and willing to fulfil any of these roles, please let me know soon, so I can let the committee know.

Ponso Pondhopper / Jan 05, 2016

What: First Fishing contest of the new year
Where: Brockenborings, the Shire
When: Saturday 23 January, 7:30pm ((UK, 2:30 pm Servertime))

Join us for the first fishing competition of the New Year. Those wishing to help with the count, contact me for Mister Simbo's new fish-counting device ((LOTRO plug-in)) and instructions how to use it! Invitations have been sent out and there is an article in the Bramblebury Gazette.

More information from me or Penina.
Ponso Pondhopper / May 19, 2014

The Coarse Season starts on June 15th and we are celebrating with a Start of Season Fishing Competition in beautiful Buckland!

Join us at seven bells on Sunday 15th of June and try your hand at coarse fishing. As usual a host of prizes, in two classes:

  • Experienced anglers: (100 FP and above)
  • Novices (99 FP and under)

Species prize: for the most variety of fish caught
Edible prize: for the biggest catch of edible fish
Tight Lines prize for the biggest overall catch

And as usual our Weedy Prize for the largest amount of weeds dredged from the river!

No need to register! Just turn up on the day with your preferred fishing gear. Meet at the party tent in Buckland.
Ponso Pondhopper / Mar 13, 2014

Now the coarse close season is upon us, our fishing trips are restricted to game fish (trout, grayling, salmon...) and still waters such as restocked ponds, like this one up at Northcotton Farm in Oatbarton. Here our old friend, Albin Northcotton has been working with the Angling Club to stock his pond with all kinds of trout. So, we have first dibs at fishing them out!
Come along with the Shire Angling Club at seven and a half bells on Sunday 13 April for another grand day of fishing. Meet by the stables in Oatbarton and bring yer light tackle, because it's trout we are fishing for.

Competition Classes:
General class: (Fishing skill below 100): Prizes for the fullest keep nets (all species)
Trout Fishers: (Fishing skill above 100)
Golden Trout award, for the first Golden Trout landed
Diversity award, for the most variety of species landed
Tight lines award, for the most trout caught.

As usual, all the fun of the fishing competition, great prizes, music and refreshments (courtesy of the Bird and Baby).

Note to members: Volunteer needed to help with the count. Send Penina a note in the mail.
Ponso Pondhopper / Feb 22, 2014

Well, March is almost upon us, which means Spring is just around the corner! But more importantly, this is the time of year them salmon swim up the Brandywine from the sea. Now, there’s a little-known corner of the Shire where them salmon take a rest to feed before pushing on up to the lake, which gives us hobbits the opportunity to land us a couple of fine fish fer the table. So, now’s yer chance to join the Angling Club in the Annual Brandywine Salmon Run!

We shall meet at seven and a half bells in the Plough and Stars, Brockenborings and wander over the fields to the Brandywine. This year there will be two competitions, with the usual grand prizes!
1. Largest Salmon Prize (Advanced fisher hobbits)
Three grand prizes for the heaviest three salmon caught.

2. Overall catch prize (Open to all)
Three prizes for the the three fullest keep nets.

No need to register, just turn up on the night with yer fishing gear. If you don’t want to fish, do come along for the picnic and company!

Tight lines,

Penina Pondhopper
Ponso Pondhopper / Nov 17, 2013
On my many trips around the Shire, I happened on a very rare fishing spot: A deep pool with a gravel bed, fed by spring water. The ideal habitat for Catfish! Sure enough a quick inspection showed a healthy catfish population. Even so, over the last few months, I've been stocking the pool with juvenile catties, hatched in our own fishery, and now the pool is ready for some serious fishing.

To inaugurate the pool we are holding a fishing trip and catfish bake. We meet at Woodhall at 7:30 on Sunday 8th December. Bring yer rods and cook pans!
Ponso Pondhopper / Sep 01, 2013

The Shire Angling Club has relocated to 5 Harrow Road, Bramblebury. All exhibitions have been successfully transferred to the new site and the Museum of Hunting and Fishing is up and running again, and open to the public.

It has been a long held ambition to secure a burrow in Bramblebury and we are delighted with the location. It's a little off the beaten track, but the surrounding cliffs offer good shelter from the winds which will be of benefit to the hatcheries. The move followed the second open day and went very smoothly except for the loss of a trophy Smelt, which has now been replaced. Bramblebury is a busy neighbourhood and we hope the new location will increase museum visits.