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A new Kinship for the Shire!
Welcome to the Clubhouse!
The Shire Angling Club celebrates everything to do with the outdoors life in the Shire and beyond: fishing, hunting, woodcraft and adventuring! If you are passing through the Shire, why not drop by the Museum of Hunting and Fishing? Here you will find a selection of the clubs trophies. On open days you can buy fishing rods and trophies or sample our food and drink in the Museum tavern.
We are a select club, membership by invitation only. If you are a keen fisherman or hunter, drop a note to Club Secretary, Fleuralis Nimbletoes, in the mail, outlining why you want to be considered and your interest in hunting, fishing or woodcrafts. If that impresses us we will invite you meet us and take it from there. (Laurelin Server)
Ponso Pondhopper / Jan 23, 2017

Discussing trout-related matters with Albin Northcotton

With Spring just around the corner (well maybe round the next-but-one corner after that) we are already considering the closed season for game fish like trout and Grayling and such. So before these fish start spawning, there’s just about time for a trout match. This will be the fourth Great Trout Tickle to be held at Northcotton Farm, thanks to the generosity of our good friend and sponsor, Mister Albin Northcotton. The date has been moved to the fifth day of Rethe (that’s the 25 February for those with new-fangled calendars). We shall be meeting at Northcotton Farm at 7:30 PM (UK time), but for lower level players (under 30), I will be available to guide you to the farm.

As in previous years, there will be two matches, the first for those used to catching game fish (fishing skill of 100 or more) and the second for less experienced anglers. As before there will be a prize for the most trout caught and the first Golden Trout caught on the night. For the junior match there will be prizes for the fullest keep net.

There’s no need to register. Just turn up on the day or contact me if you need help getting to the farm. Bring a rod and warm clothes. Trout can be caught with a float and baited hook, wet or dry flies, or, if you’re feeling brave, by hand! The choice is yours. Best bait: bluebottle maggots.

What: Fishing Competition
Where: Northcotton Fram, Oatbarton
When: 25 February 7:30PM (UK time)